The Gratuitous First Post

So, I started this blog because I love reading others’ knit blogs and thought, why not? I don’t have any friends who knit, I don’t have any friends even remotely interested in knitting that I could recruit, and I can’t join a face-to-face knitting group because of childcare and schedule issues. So, I’m left with the ‘Net – which really isn’t a bad place to be, although it would be nice to really KNOW a few knitters in the real world. Since that can’t happen right now, this is a nice second option.

I have only been knitting for a few weeks, unless you count the time a few summers ago when I taught myself to knit from a book, tried to knit a scarf using an “easy” pattern from the internet, and then cast it all aside. I still have the yarn from the scarf that never was. Anyway, I decided to try knitting again for a couple of reasons. One is my son, who has recently metamorphosed into a little monkey and needs to be watched constantly. I thought that knitting would be something portable and easy to put down while spending the afternoons with him. Not like scrapbooking, which required too much concentration and mess to deal with while he is awake. The second reason I wanted to knit is because I love the Harry Potter knitwear that I’ve seen on the Internet, and my husband said that if I made him a Gryffindor scarf, he would wear it. He still gripes about that crocheted blanket I started for him, which is only a third of the way done and hidden beneath the bed… I thought that surely I could handle a scarf, and then maybe he’ll “forget” about the blanket (I really should finish it someday…).

If I can figure out how to do it, I will post a picture of my first swatch sometime soon. Yeah, it’s priceless. And, come to find out, I was knitting twisted stitches… which means that I had to frog my 65 rows of Harry Potter scarf and start over Sunday morning. But that’s another post…

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