Oh, the misery of being a newbie knitter…

This is probably very boring to experienced knitters, but it was new to me: “frog” happened to me Wednesday night. It’s happened twice now. This is the first time I was trying to salvage my work instead of tearing it all back to the beginning. Just when I was feeling so smug about how I haven’t lost any stitches, how hard can this be, blah blah….

So, I was working on the HP Prisoner of Azkaban scarf while watching LOST. I guess LOST was too much of a distraction – won’t be knitting while watching that again – because I dropped a stitch. To make matters worse, while shuffling stitches back and forth in preparation of a Russian Join to start in with the gold yarn, I somehow ended up with another missing stitch. I’m learning a lot from making this scarf: circular knitting, Russian Joins, experimenting with ways to hold the yarn – but that night, I wanted to chuck it and just tell my husband that his scarf has joined his blanket in the abyss. I managed to pick up the dropped stitch, and was very proud of myself for having been able to do that… and then saw the missing one. I don’t know what you call it – it wasn’t dropped; it just wasn’t there. The columns in front and in behind each had five stitches, and this one just had four. So, I thought, no problem, I’ll just rip it out and fix it. Right.

First, I forgot that this is knitting, not crocheting, and it’s not so simple to just rip it out. I’ve crocheted for over half my life, and I am accustomed to its simplicity. The difference between crochet and knit is that in crochet, the tool moves across the work; while in knit, the work moves back and forth on the tools. In crochet, if you make a mistake, you just tear out stitches until you get there and then start again. Simple (The downside, of course, is that you can’t pick up dropped stitches – to my knowledge – you have to frog to make corrections). Knitting, on the other hand… if you have to frog, you have to remove the work from the needle and then try to pick up every single one of those 90 little stitches… in the right direction, without letting them drop down. Ugh. On top of it, since I am knitting in the round, I had to go down five rows to my last color change, because I didn’t know where each row ended / began, and so the color change was the only row where I could tell. I didn’t think to try unknitting before I rashly began pulling at the yarn. The agony. I finally managed it, and then I hid under a blanket for the rest of the night.

So, she said optimistically, I survived my first frog session in which I had to pick the stitches back up. And I learned how to pick up a single dropped stitch. But man, did it suck. 😛 Crochet is definitely easier in this regard.

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