my iPod ate my blog.

Or something like that. More like, I haven’t added anything to my blog because I’ve been too busy playing with my new iPod. It was a gift from my husband and son for my birthday, and I am addicted! Between the podcasts, and browsing for audiobooks, and transferring my CD’s, I have been on the computer for three hours every night after I put my son to bed. I am being truly irresponsible – I have other things to do, like work, clean, return letters and emails, read, KNIT, and, oh, I don’t know… sleep?! I. Can’t. Stop. Myself.

So, to keep this about knitting, here’s an update on the HP scarf: I have done three repeats, and have finally finished with the frogged yarn (The color’s a bit off in the picture; I’m not the best photo editor). Yeah!!! I don’t know if it was my imagination or what, but the frogged yarn kind of sucked. It felt thinner running through my hands, even though knitted up it doesn’t feel any different. It has been quite a journey so far, not because it’s a hard pattern, but because I keep making mistakes and having to unknit rows to go back. Also, the Russian Join is getting very tedious (there’s a video of this joining technique on this page).

I used it because I was too chicken to use the other methods I’ve read about or seen of tying knots or twisting strands together and then sewing in ends. Also, I know from crocheting that I hate sewing in ends. Mostly, though, it was the former, chicken reason, and I figured that Russian Joins look all but indestructible. I am regretting it now, every 27 rows, when I have to knit with the gold for three rows, then with the burgundy for five, then the gold again. I have to do the join four times in 11 rows, and it gets annoying. As if that wasn’t enough, my yarn is bulky at the joins because it’s thicker than the usual 3-plys that the yarn has. I cut out one ply on each end when I join it, but that still makes it 4-ply at the joins. You might be able to see the thicker stitches in the closeup. I’m not worried about it, because I’ll just put that part on the edge of the scarf when I add the fringe – I don’t appreciate the wave at the beginning / end of each round, anyway – but I’m realizing that it might have been a poor choice. In the name of consistency, though, I’ll stick to it.

I know this scarf is good practice, doing the knit stitch and all, but, yeah. I think I get it. It’s getting pretty boring. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s for my husband and he reallly wants it (he gets antsy whenever I start unknitting), I might be tempted to turn it into a giant hat.

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4 thoughts on “my iPod ate my blog.

  1. Hmmm, if it gets too tedious, maybe the husband will have to learn to knit…

    I keep a couple of projects on the go at once to avoid boredom. I have my handbag-sized one, and my big ‘un. Maybe you could do that?

  2. frog happens on said:

    Actually, I did suggest that he learn to knit. His reply was that he doesn’t have the patience to knit by hand, but would be willing to try out a MACHINE.

    I have yarn for another project, but it’s another big ‘un – the BBBB from Stitch ‘n Bitch. I would love to make a cover for my iPod, though, because I haven’t seen any in stores that I like. 😉

  3. turtlegirl76 on said:

    I just finished my HP scarf (adding fringe tonight) and I feel your pain. I didn’t have to unknit anything, but it was boring. And I ended up making my repeats 48MC 4CC 8MC 4CC 48MC and did 9 repeats of that. It looks great, but I started it on 11/17 and finished it 12/12.

  4. DomesticOverlord on said:

    Oh I totally feel your pain. I’m doing one for my sister. I opted not to ever break the yarn sothere’s no ends to weave in. It does make the akward problemof having two balls of yarn constantly attatched. Eh, oh well.

    I’m trying to imagine the giant hat. I say you decrease slowly so that the whole thing comes to a point and then add a tassel. Tell him it’s you Ebeneezer Scrooge/Victorian Nightcap hat and to buy his own damn scarf here:;category_id=3978;pcid1=2677;pcid2=2682

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