I have a stash. Dammit.

I was so proud of myself. All those lovely yarns, all those interesting patterns… and I was resisting, quite well, thank you very much. Until today. On my way out the door, I checked on the internet on a whim to see whether there is a yarn store (boutique?) near my hair salon. There is! I’ve only ever bought yarn from Walmart (no comment) and online, and I’ve longed to be in an actual store. I want to see what the yarns truly look like before getting them in the mail; I want to feel them… caress them… you get the idea.

I went in armed with a list of yarns I was looking for and needle sizes to go with them. There was quite a selection, but surprisingly, most of the selection was not what I was looking for. Surprisingly, I say, because the store’s website advertised that they did indeed carry ALL of the yarns I was looking for. I should have walked out then. But no! Determined shoppers don’t quit, and I was determined.

After an hour of looking, and caressing, and looking, I found myself asking the help if they had a shopping cart. (!) What happened to my resolve? Well, there was this gorgeous Manos del Uruguay in a red that I know my mother-in-law would love; one skein left of Lorna’s Lace wool in a beautiful scheme called “watercolor”; then, there was pastel pink Debbie Bliss angora and wool yarn that would be perfect for a scarf for my I-like-pink-more-than-Barbie friend; Tahki Cotton Classic for that iPod cozy I’ve been wanting to make; and novelty yarn at half-price, of which I had to get not one but THREE skeins, for – you guessed it – more gift scarves. Oh, and lest I forget, another $25 or so was tacked on to the bill for the needles I needed in order to actually make things out of these TWO BAGS OF FREAKIN’ YARN!

And why did I do this? Because I don’t have enough to do. I’m not busy. Because I think that I’m going to finish the other nine repeats of the Harry Potter scarf tomorrow morning and have the rest of the week before Christmas to sit around, doing nothing but knitting for others and swigging adult eggnog (loads of sarcasm intended).

Waiter? Reality check, please.

Sigh. I consider myself initiated. I am officially a yarn wh*re.

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3 thoughts on “I have a stash. Dammit.

  1. Welcome to the sickness… I mean obsession… I mean world of knitting! I love buying yarn online almost as much as at the LYS, so I have to really watch myself. But congratulations on having a stash, and the new blog looks great!

  2. Mmmmmm…. pretty yarn. Building a stash is so much fun and so addictive. Looks like you bought some really great stuff.

  3. carolannb on said:

    I feel your pain, I mean joy? I love shopping for and buying yarn…being in a yarn store is like being in a candy store for me. Both dangerous! LOL

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