The Purl Scarf, AKA The Neverending Scarf

It’s been a rough time lately. Last week was so frenetic that I never stood a chance of getting any of my very last minute gifts knitted. Once my vacation officially started, Christmas also began – no less frenetic, what with the shopping, again last minute; standing in line for an hour so our son could sit with an apprehensive expression on his face, wondering who the heck this red man was; the family movies on Christmas Eve tradition; visits with one side of the family on Christmas Eve, and the other all day on Christmas. Monday was, necessarily, a day of rest. And today? Errands and the dentist.

So my gifts are unknitted, and will hopefully be given shortly, should I be able to finish them before New Year’s. I am sure they will be no less appreciated after Christmas – or else. Oh, I am trying. The Purl Scarf (see title of post for my pet name for this darling) is halfway done. I am using three yarns held together, as the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts calls for: Manos Del Uruguay wool, Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and my own touch (due to not being able to find a better mohair on short notice), Berroco Mohair Classic Heather. It’s for my mother-in-law, whose favorite color is red. I chose an interesting mix of colors: the Manos is bright red, the Rowan is fuschia, and the Berroco is a rust color. Coupled with the large, irregular stitches due to the thick-and-thin quality of the Manos, the colors make it look very homemade and rustic – which is what I was going for. I think it looks particularly spectacular in the sunlight – not so much indoors. In the sun, it seems to just glow and sparkle. BUT – it is taking forever. Not a surprise, in retrospect, given that the finished dimensions, before fringe, are 104 inches in length. The pattern is found in the section for the four to six hour gifts. It’s a lie. Or perhaps, the person who knitted the scarf in such a short amount of time holds a world record for speed knitting? While I love the scarf, and would love to have one myself, I don’t know that I could handle another one anytime soon. Easy, but SO time consuming. Getting very sick of scarves, anyway…

I do love the Manos, though. It at least is some consolation to knit with such a fun yarn. I like the way it narrows up to a very skinny strand, then gets very chunky. I can see myself using it again, and again.

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