Airing grievances… airy scarf and more

I’m almost done with the airy scarf. I’d have finished already, but several things have been distracting me: giving the house a good cleaning while I have the time, bumming around to various knitting sites on the Internet, and dog drama. The scarf is not matching up to the specs in the LMKG book. I knew it would be slightly off because I chose to use size 10 needles even though the gauge wasn’t quite on the mark and was a bit tight, but I’m having to add many more repeats of the pattern than I had anticipated I would need to compensate for gauge. A couple of posters at knitty kindly informed me of their experiences with this scarf, and it would seem that my problem is not an unusual one with this pattern – which is good to know, because I was wondering if it was the pattern, or me.

When I have been knitting, I’ve been trying to catch up on episodes of podcasts about knitting, provided my son is taking a nap and my husband is otherwise occupied (yeah, I’m rapidly metamorphosing into a real knitting nerd). The big three I’ve been enjoying: KnitCast, Cast-On, and the new-but-promising Knitting News Cast – can also be found in iTunes by searching with the keyword “knitting.” A highlight of the most recent Knitting News Cast was a news story about knit graffiti. A couple of knitters – tagger names AKrylik and PolyCotN- in Montrose (Texas?) have been taking their UFOs and tagging with them by randoming attaching them to trees, cars, shop doors, etc.; or by leaving them as coasters in bars. See news story from the Houston Press here and the Knitta’s blog here. Hilarious.

Be warned – this last bit of VENTING is wholly unrelated to knitting. My neighbor, who has until now been a decent guy, shot my dog, Jake, in the butt with a BB gun on Friday! You know, the adorable dog with the bow on his head in my Dec. 28th post. He claims that Jake went into his yard and chased his wife into his house with the intent to attack her, and that his dogs then got into it with Jake, so he shot him to break up the fight. There are several things that aren’t adding up here, however: like, he claims that this is not the first time our allegedly vicious dog has done this. Well, why is it the first time we’re hearing about it, then? If one of his dogs came into our yard and acted aggressively toward one of us, you’d better believe we’d be ringing him up or standing on his doorstep THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED. Not after it had happened so many times that we’d gotten fed up and decided to shoot. Or, if talking wasn’t an option, there are entities like the police and animal control that he could have called, before the situation got to the point that he felt the need to take matters into his own hands.

Also? Interesting that he’s the only neighbor who has a problem with Jake. We spoke to several other neighbors on our street, all of whom said no, Jake has never acted in any way that could be construed as aggression. The one that Shooting Neighbor quoted as saying that he is afraid of Jake, said nothing of the sort to us – in fact, he said that Jake is a good dog and that he shouldn’t be euthanized (which is what we were going to do if it turned out that Jake was indeed being aggressive), and he was dismayed to hear that Jake had been shot by this guy. Also Shooting Neighbor claimed to have seen Jake chase the mailman. My husband asked our mailman about this, and he said, no, that never happened – and that he’d remember if it had.

Admittedly, we have had recurring problems with trying to contain Jake in the yard, because once we’re gone, he decides to go try and find us – or to try to chew his way into the house, which he succeeded in doing once around the 4th of July when some kids were illegally setting off fireworks… We’ve done hotwire, tying him up, crating him in the house, etc. etc. ad nauseam. We absolutely know it’s our responsibility to keep that dog in the yard – but what irks us – p*sses us off, really – is that we can’t know that there is a problem, again, unless we are told. We had no idea that when we let Jake out in the morning to “do business,” he was taking the opportunity to visit the neighbors. Allegedly. Like I said, his story doesn’t add up, so now we are mulling over the possibility that the neighbor has some other agenda – like, he’s ticked at our dog for chasing the squirrels that HE won’t stop feeding and that, to our perpetual annoyance, make their homes in OUR yard… So now, my husband has run hotwire on that side of the yard, which he’d not done before because Jake had never been interested in the neighbors until now; and we are looking at additional confinement options, AGAIN. Which is fine, if he’s in their yard. But guess who has to pay the vet bill to get the BB removed? Not the neighbor. No, his job is just to shoot the dog first and then tell us there is a problem after the fact.

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