Airy Scarf: Check

I should have posted this a while ago, but I was kind of too lazy to upload the pictures to my computer. Last week was the first week back at work after the lovely holiday break, and… you know how it goes. I gave the Airy Scarf to its happy recipient about two weeks after Christmas. Although the k2tog eyelet rows were kind of a pain, they weren’t that terrible, and I liked the way it came out well enough to perhaps make one for myself at a later time. I have some KSH in Liqueur, which I had originally bought for the Purl Scarf but which I didn’t end up using for that project. It’s a very pretty dark maroon or burgundy – I don’t usually go for the so-barely-pink-it’s-almost-white color that I used for this particular scarf. But my friend loved it, and that’s the important thing.

I tried to take a decent photo of the scarf in action, but didn’t anticipate just how crappy the picture would be if I held the camera in front of me. Since I’d forgotten to take photos at a more opportune time when, say, my husband could hold the camera for me, this was the best I could manage. Here’s another that shows the pattern a bit more clearly (not that everyone hasn’t already done this one themselves and / or seen 300 pictures of it).
I ended up with sixteen repeats instead of ten; I knew I wasn’t on gauge, but I’m not sure that it would have come out to the correct length even if I had been. I just can’t believe that ten pattern repeats would get you 32” – unless, as one knittyboard poster suggested, you stretch it to the breaking point during blocking. Which would get you a nice, long, CORD.

Oh – also? When I blocked this thing, it reeked. It smelled like my goats (we have two, and no, we don’t milk them – they’re boys). The smell disappeared once it was completely dry, but Oh. My. God. Didn’t see that one coming.

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One thought on “Airy Scarf: Check

  1. choomon on said:

    Very nice!

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