My husband is a wonderful human being.

But he kind of p*ssed me off last night when he said, “Gee, that Harry Potter scarf sure will be great to wear when you finish it this summer.

Hey. I’ve been working on it. I was working on it when that little bit o’ sarcastic malevolence erupted from his lips. I know he was joking, but really. This may be the first and last knitted anything he gets from me with an attitude like that. Keep it up, buddy – I dare you.

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4 thoughts on “My husband is a wonderful human being.

  1. Kalendar Girl on said:

    ooooooh! That is a dangerous thing for a non-knitter to say…..

    I feel your pain, though. I just made a really hard lace shawl for a co-worker and all she did was imply that I’d never finish it. Not exactly the best motivation.

  2. Little Hobbit Feet on said:

    My Harry Potter scarf took FOREVER. It’s a rediculous amount of knitting. You using the atypically knit sweater?

  3. Little Hobbit Feet on said:

    Not sweater.

  4. frog happens on said:

    That’s the key. Non-knitter. These comments come so flippantly out of the mouths of people who just don’t know the work that goes into these behemoth projects. Well, glad you were able to finish yours!

    Yep, it’s the atypically knit pattern – and sweater might be a good word for it, actually, because I think that if I can ever get this thing done, an entire sweater will be cake. 😉

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