I’m an Olympiad

in the first ever Knitting Olympics! Yarn Harlot had the brilliant idea of a little event in which we choose a project that we think will be a personal challenge to complete in sixteen days, and then knit it during the Olympics. I say “little event,” but actually, the following has become quite large, and poor Harlot is having to add hundreds of people to her Olympiads page. I often lament the fact that all the brilliant ideas are had by people other than myself, but I’ll happily admit that this is one bit of ingenuity that I do not wish had been mine. Good luck, Harlot!

Anyway, I couldn’t resist the call, and so I signed up to knit Thuja, a pattern by Bobby Ziegler on knitty.com. It will be two firsts for me: first socks and first dpn project. This and the fact that I don’t have a lot of time to knit will certainly make it challenging. It was my intention to make these socks anyway for my father’s birthday, but now I’m committed to making them early – definitely a good thing after the late Christmas gifts. I had already bought the yarn as well: ArtYarns Supermerino in a lovely blue colorway, #121. It’s not as dark a color as it had seemed in the picture on the internet (a hazard of buying yarn online), so it’s not the manly blue I had anticipated, but instead, a dreamy, tropical sea blue. It’s not vareigated, but it does have subtle variations that make it very appealing. It seemed less girly to me once I knit some up in a swatch. If Dad doesn’t think the color is masculine enough… well, he can just wear them around the house, or frame them and call them art.

In retrospect, while I like the yarn for its softness and its color – it just has this depth to it! – I probably would have chosen something else had I been a more experienced knitter. Like, something with some nylon in it, as I was advised by the kind posters at knitty.com, so that it doesn’t pill. Oh, well. Hopefully the fact that he’s getting my first ever socks will make Dad proud, even if the yarn turns out to not be the best choice. Next time, I’ll know better.

So, now that I’ve committed myself, and now that I am completely bored to tears with trying to get that Hairy Poop scarf done (gee, I don’t sound hostile toward the thing at all), I am antsy and squirmy at the starting line. I’ve done my gauge swatch, I’ve pet the yarn and admired it in various lights, I’ve toyed with the dpns – although I haven’t practiced any in-the-round stuff with them yet, which I should do – and I want to GO! So, yeah. I’m excited.

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One thought on “I’m an Olympiad

  1. Hey – I’d love it if you’d come join my Olympic Team – Team DPN !!


    Here’s the link:

    Team DPN

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