dpn bracelet.

This is my progress as of last night on my Knitting Olympics Thuja socks. I’m a bit further on now, by maybe an inch and a half. It’s my first time using dpns, and once I got past starting over three times, I sort of got the hang of it – although I’m still dealing with uneven stitches with the seed stitch ribbing in some places. I’m itching to get to the heel, where it should get really interesting. If it comes out lousy, well, I hope the other sock is equally bad so they will match! They are a present for my dad, after all, and I either want to give him two socks that suck or two socks that rock – not one of each.

Also? Thanks to Whit Larson of the About Time podcast for inviting me to be on Team Dpn! (Does this mean I can’t be on Team Merlot, now? Well, can I still drink Merlot, at least?)

Oh! How could I forget? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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One thought on “dpn bracelet.

  1. Kathy S. on said:

    Just wanted to show off your pretty needles, didn’t you?

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