Unsportswomanlike Conduct.

I am maybe 3/4 of the way through my pair of Thuja socks, thanks to knitting every chance I can during the last 24 hours. I would have been further along, except for that I inadvertently misread the chart in Sensational Knitted Socks and made a ladies’ size 5 rather than a men’s 10 1/2. Wouldn’t have happened if I would have taken the time to read the chart a little more carefully – the information I needed was actually in the next column over. I’m smarter than this, really I am. Anyway. I realized my mistake after I’d kitchener stitched that bad boy shut, and woven in all ends. Another little display of my stupidity, since it was only obvious looking at the thing that it wasn’t long enough. Even more obvious when my husband stretched it over his size 9 foot. My state of denial was then, irrevocably, shattered.

My husband said, “Hope you have a friend who wears a size 5.” Uh, no. After sitting and fuming for a few minutes, I decided that I may as well try to pick it apart, frog, and reknit it to the correct length. And so I did. And I was able to get back to just before the toe, stitches all picked up and ready to go, in about an hour. That might seem like a long time, but for a new knitter who has never knit a sock, nevermind had to frog one, it was pret-ty scary, so I went slow.

But the worst part? You’d think I’d be happy with my success at salvaging the project. Ohhh, no. I was irritated with myself because I lost time that evening reknitting the sock, instead of starting the other one, and I considered the set back fatal. So, I went and whined on Yarn Harlot’s site about how I goofed and had to reknit and lost all kinds of time and can’t we have silver and bronze medals too so I won’t feel so bad about not finishing???

Yeah. And there are no takebacks on blog comments, so when I wanted to eat my words and myself for having spouted them onto her blog, I couldn’t. It was an embarrassing post in a number of ways, and I can only hope that it got lost in the other 600 comments: embarrassing because she’s trying to knit a freaking sweater, in two weeks, with color, and charts, and steeking, and what look like fairly small needles, and I’m crying about a sock, and an easy one as far as sock patterns go; because who am I to think that my little whine is actually going to have Stephanie, who doesn’t even know me, saying, “oh, okay, poor thing. Here, let me change the rules for you“; because there it is, nailed to her website for eternity, for the world to see what I crybaby I was being, if anyone is bored enough to actually read through all the comments.

And now you know, too. But, okay. It was a pathetic moment for me. One of many in my life, and I’m sure not the last, even though I would love for it to be. It’s not really that bad, anyway, right?

Anyhow, that’s my little Olympic update, and I even have a picture of the sock when it was a size 5 that I can post later. Right now, I gotta go knit.

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