Doin’ the happy dance!

I finished the second Thuja sock just before the clock struck twelve and I turned into a pumpkin last night. That last stretch was a little hard – I was falling asleep and had to keep getting up and walking around a bit, going to the kitchen and snacking on Olympic energy foods (yogurt-covered pretzels and chocolate, mmmm); and my hands finally started to ache (I’m surprised that they didn’t become sore much earlier in the day, but I’m thankful that they waited until I was nearly done!). No matter – I stayed awake past my bedtime, I got them done, I crossed the finish line. On time. I can’t believe how good that feels, especially because for a few days there, I really didn’t think I was going to finish. And of course finishing my first dpn project and my first socks ain’t so bad, either.

Would I do the Knitting Olympics again? I don’t know. It was fun to think of all the other people in this giant KAL, but I think I might be happier cheering from the sidelines next time.

Here’s another picture of the socks on my feet – they’re way too big for me, but I had to put them on, anyway (in the picture, the left one looks shorter than the right in the leg – they’re actually the same size):

And another picture, this time of the ugly gusset holes on the second sock. I’m not sure why that happened, or how to fix it (if it’s fixable?), or how to prevent it from happening again. Anyone?

One more – this is the first sock as a ladies size 5. Kind of cute, wasn’t it?

Also, you might have noticed the ugly concrete background in the shot of the socks on my feet. That’s because my husband ripped up our carpet in our hallway and our livingroom last night. He spent most of the day yesterday pulling up tile and chipping off grout in our entryway – no easy job. He’s putting in Dupont flooring today – that stuff that just clicks together, and looks like hardwood. This is also why I have to go get ready to leave our house for the rest of the day – baby and I will go visiting and shopping, and when we come home, there should be a new, beautiful floor. So exciting! I’d show you the fifteen foot crack we found in our foundation that went from our front door to the wall in the livingroom, and that is wide enough to fit at least four quarters into, but who really wants to see a picture of my crack? (I know, I know… Bad Pun Police will be after me now…)

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2 thoughts on “Doin’ the happy dance!

  1. Hey great job! I am about to cast on those socks for my hubby! Oh new flooring is always fun…I am waiting for estimate on my hubby isn’t …well..can’t do ours hehe! 😉 Congrats for finishing!

  2. frog happens on said:

    Thanks, Zonda! 🙂 How are your socks coming? My husband is just about done with the floor, just working on the molding now. He did a great job, although it wasn’t an easy one.

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