On with the scarf!

I have determined, once again, to stick to only one project until I finish it: the HP / neverending / boring scarf. I’m just coming up to the 10th repeat, so that’s what? about 70% done? Once I am finished, I think I’m going to have a knitting multiple personalities disorder and not be able to confine myself to one, five, or ten projects. I certainly have the yarn – oh. That’s right, I didn’t tell you.

You haven’t seen my stash lately.

You should see it. I’ll try and post pictures soon. I got a CUTE crate from Pottery Barn – on sale, two for $20! – to hold all of it, and the crate is a pretty good size. Doesn’t matter, though – my stash is still overflowing with all the yarn I’ve bought for things I want to make but for which I’ve had no time. And there’s yet more yarn on the way: Lady Godiva yarn by Handmaiden from Red Bird Knits, and a skein of Kasula from a Fleece Artist coop. I need to knit faster and / or quit shopping, because I really don’t want to be one of those people who have more yarn than they can knit in their lifetime. Hell, I already have that many novels.

And now, excuse me while I whine about my personal life:

1. I have random bouts of nausea, which are as yet unexplainable. My doctor hypothesizes that I may have ulcerations in my esophagus (or some such mumbo jumbo) or gall stones. I had an ultrasound and find out about the gall stones by Monday. No, I’m not pregnant – they checked.

2. My dog (the Mean, Vicious, Neighbor-Eater) is in the hospital with bloat and is lucky to be alive. Apparently his spleen squeezed up near his stomach, and this may have saved his life because it prevented his stomach from twisting further and cutting off circulation to his bowels. The next three days are critical, and he is still in danger. Our estimate is $1800 – $2500. He is SUCH a good dog, and he doesn’t deserve all the pain that he’s gone through lately – the BB in the butt, and now this.

3. A serious error in judgment at work today. You know, I don’t even want to talk about it, but just want to put it out there that my day became even worse when I transformed into the Queen of Stupidshire. Others say it wasn’t really my fault, but you know how you just keep beating yourself up about some things… and I am not sure that the administration will see it quite the same way as my friends do.

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