IT Yarn

You know IT’s out there. It’s a Quest for the Holy Grail in the world of knitting. You’ve thought you had IT countless times, only to be eluded again and again. You are perfectly satisfied with what you’ve got, but then see something that you haven’t got, that you suddenly want more than you thought possible, and thus, once again, IT is not safely waiting in your stash for the perfect pattern to transform it into what it yearns to be – but is still in the store, or in your web browser…or in your dreams. And you cannot rest until you buy IT. This is the explanation behind the Stash Explosion that so many of us suffer from: the search for IT forces us to buy more and more, always thinking that the next one will be IT. And sometimes it is IT, for a while. But it never lasts. Because the other one, that you thought was IT? You realize, with sudden clarity, that no, that one could never be IT. It’s not (fill in the blank) pretty/soft/warm/heavy/drapey/thin/shiny/handpainted/thick/light/wooly/stripey/crisp/colorfast enough to be IT. How could you have ever thought it was?

But IT is purposely elusive. After all, if it wasn’t, you would only ever buy one kind of yarn. The stash, without variety, would be dull. There would be no reason to look into it and revel in the colors, the textures… because it would all be the same. You could show visitors your stash by pulling out a single skein, and then perhaps listing the other colors it comes in. ITs elusiveness gives us an excuse for continuing to buy yarn. We can say to our significant others, “But I HAD to have this, because it is much more (fill in the blank) pretty/soft/warm/heavy/drapey/thin/shiny/handpainted/thick/light/wooly/stripey/crisp/colorfast than anything I have right now.” “Oh,” he or she will say, not really caring what IT has that the other three hundred skeins in your possession don’t have, but instead wondering exactly how a stupid ball of yarn could cost (fill in the blank) $6/$10/$15/$30. Was it made from golden fleece?

As for myself, I have already discovered a lot of IT yarns in my months-old knitting career, and most of them are still lying languorously in my stash, waiting for me to say that it’s their time. The latest? Fleece Artist Kasula, in the beautiful Mermaid colorway. It shimmers. It shines. The colors shift with the light. Pretty. I have no idea what I’ll use it for. But who cares? For now, I’ve found IT.

Until I do some more online shopping tomorrow.

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