I need…

I should be rearranging the books in my shelves. I started – I’m moving all the less attractive or oversized books to the office, and prettying up the shelves in the livingroom. I’ve got stacks of books on the floors of both rooms. It’s my spring break, and I am spring cleaning and rearranging. But, I guess I just need a break, because I’m suddenly feeling very unmotivated and finding blogs much more to my liking. I was perusing Rachel’s blog to read past posts about her bee-yoo-ti-ful Reversible Rib Shawl (I’ve discovered that I love Rachel’s blog, period, and will be adding a link to my sidebar), when I discovered her October 14, 2005, post, in which she googled her name + the word “needs” and reported what came up. Since I am still working on the you-know-what (or not working on it – such a busy week that I made NO progress) and have nothing to report, I thought I’d try it. What’s a bit of frivolity in an already mostly frivolous blog, right? Here are my needs:

1. Vanessa needs to know about Italy.
2. Vanessa needs to be empowered to provide for herself and her children by having the kind of job that allows her to work from home [okay, that’s just scary – because it’s true. Well, maybe it’s true for many other mommies, but I’ve been really feeling this lately! *edit* This was just wishful thinking and is financially impossible for us at this time, so please refrain from leaving ads for cosmetics sales rep opportunities and secret shopping in the comments – I’ll just delete them, anyway. Thanks].
3. Vanessa needs your help deciding. [also kind of scary, because I’m very indecisive and usually can’t resist asking for others’ opinions]
4. Vanessa needs to obey God and not man, forget that John Prince Kee ever was in her life [ummmmmm…. who?]!
5. Vanessa needs the senator’s spring schedules.
6. Vanessa needs guidance.
7. Vanessa needs to take some regular daytime courses [uhhh, NO. Been there, done that. For many years.].
8. Vanessa needs no introduction. She needs an explanation.
9. Vanessa needs to find another family in a country which will accept her as she is.
10. Vanessa says she just needs her son [why, yes. I do! along with my husband, of course].

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