Okay, so a one-project blog kinda sucks. I’m boring myself, actually.

I did fall off the wagon once a couple of weeks ago and made this hat by Polly at alltangledup.com. I made it for my husband. It fits my son wonderfully. Actually, it was a very-last-minute (only because I hadn’t thought of it earlier) gift for my husband and our boat’s “maiden” voyage (as in, it’s got more miles on it than our truck, but it was its first trip out in our possession). I thought I’d make him a nice fisherman’s hat. Since it was SO last minute, I decided to skip the gauge check, figuring that it was going to fit one of my boys… if that happened to not be my husband, he would doubtless get over it because our son would look too darned cute for him to be disgruntled about it not fitting him. And, it’s the thought that counts, yadda yadda yadda. I have enough yarn to make him one that actually fits… and perhaps in a style that he likes, too, because when questioned, it turns out that he’s more a ski beanie type. I knew he liked those. I just thought he might like something different.

Pictures forthcoming.

(Eleven trapped bars on the HP scarf! Three to go!)

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