Pictures and Updates and Rants, Oh My!

First, the pictures of the “Old Bean Hat,” as promised in my last post (made with US size 6 dpns and Jaeger Shetland Aran, which is a nice but discontinued 80% wool and 20% alpaca blend):

Boring shot on the coffee table (color is off; it’s actually a much darker navy blue):

This next one is probably totally unnecessary, but I like it.

Can you tell that he loves hats? He’s not one that will take it off in irritation… no, he proudly sports it until it finally becomes too hot for him.

One more that is a better shot of how the hat fits my little sweetie…
See? It fits him just right. It fits my husband like a yarmulka.


Update on my penance: I am rapidly approaching the 12th trapped bar repeat on the HP scarf.

Rant: I was really hoping that, because I’m running out of yarn, I would be off the hook and wouldn’t even have to do the 12th repeat. There was an end in sight, a rescue ship on the horizon… and then my husband said, “Well, since it’s now April and I can’t really wear it anytime soon anyway, I guess you could just go ahead and order more yarn and finish it.”

“But, the dye lot won’t match!” I protested, hoping that that would be enough to shut him up put an end to this miserable journey.

“Well, go ahead and order it, and we’ll see how closely it matches.”

Ugh! I hate you, Harry Potter, and the broom you rode in on. Oh, and your stupid effing scarf, too. May you be flogged by the Womping Willow, and have your eyes pecked out by a messenger owl, besides. I hope you get tangled in your Invisibility Cloak so badly that nobody will ever see you or your insipid scarf again.

(Okay, so NOTHING will make me hate Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter. But I do hate this project.)

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2 thoughts on “Pictures and Updates and Rants, Oh My!

  1. choomon on said:

    The hat is adorable, even if it doesn’t fit its intended victim. Soon you will b edone with the dreaded scarf, and able to move on with a clear conscience.:)

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