Holey Orange Buttonholes, Batman!

(Okay, I know that was lame. I was at a complete loss for a title for this post, so I went for the cheese.)

Lookie where The Scarf Which Must Not Be Named is perched:

Can you tell by the camera angle that it is a precarious addition to an already tall pile? And that it is one step closer to being shoved under the bed alongside a certain Lion Brand crocheted blanket, which is only 1/3 completed (Yes, there is that skeleton in my closet – at one time I thought that Lion Brand was luxe yarn, and so it was going to be an heirloom gift for my husband. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Oh – the fact that there is a 1/3 completed blanket under my bed is a bigger skeleton than the fact that it’s Lion Brand?! Well. Who knew?)? I figure, I have all summer to sit in front of the swamp cooler and finish it… so, why not have some fun knitting time, and make things like:

(As seen on the side of my dog, Roxy, which was the closest approximation to white requiring zero effort to set up that I could find as a background at the moment.)

I finished these Warm Braid Cable Wristwarmers in April, intent on making something for myself that I could wear before it got too hot for anything but cotton. The pattern is from Slumberland.org. Instead of the Cascade Pastaza it calls for, I used Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes in Rusty Orange. I had a hankering to try some alpaca, and this seemed like a good project for it. I used the same size needles the pattern calls for – size 9, I think? I was a good girl and even swatched and washed the swatch before beginning, and the substitution worked out perfectly.

I learned plenty from this pattern, as it was my first cabling project, and also my first project requiring a buttonhole. I did the cable cast-on the pattern called for for the top edge of the buttonhole, and am pretty happy with the result, except for a little bit of holey business. If it was for someone else, I would be more upset about it. Since they’re just for me, they’re “vent holes.” I went back on the first one when I was knitting it and tried to fix it, but no matter how tightly I pulled, I still got holes.

Also? These are really, really warm. I have uncommonly cold hands and feet during the winter months, so on the few occasions I got to wear them before the weather warmed up, I was a happy camper. In fact, I had to take them off a couple of times, because they made me too warm.

But wait, there’s more delinquency to report! Not only did I make these when I should have been working on… do I even have to say it? … but I am also working on a Ballband Dishcloth as reprinted in Mason-Dixon Knitting AND a pair of Jaywalkers in Claudia Handpainted Yarn, colorway Just Plum. Which, incidentally, is also just delicious. I saw this yarn on Khris’s blog and… well, I lusted. Had to have it. I’ll post pictures another time, and then you will understand, and will not blame me one bit.

I gobbled Mason-Dixon Knitting. It came to my door last week, which happened to be a very emotionally hard week for me. A friendship that had been very important to me came to an end, and even though I felt that for the sake of my sanity and health, it had to end, it made it no easier to dispel the feeling that something had died… and so I’ve been sad. So MDK became my comfort “food” at a time when I really needed some comfort and a distraction. I read it in its entirety pretty dang quickly, and then continued to peruse after that, because it’s a great book. I love the warm, conversational style, the attitude of friendship and solidarity amongst knitters, and the patterns, which are right up my alley. It seems crazy to say that a knitting book made me feel better, but it did.

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3 thoughts on “Holey Orange Buttonholes, Batman!

  1. choomon on said:

    The hand warmers look nice and toasty, and I can’t wait to see the Jaywalkers in Caludia’s. I love my Claudia’s socks!

  2. Zonda on said:

    Nice job there! Love the color! 🙂

  3. Rain on said:

    I love the wristwarmers, the colour is gorgeous.

    UFOs under the bed? They’re not there, they never happened 😉

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