Sunny Side Up

Here’s my version of the Ballband Dishcloth that everybody who is anybody is making. I was going for something reminiscent of daisies, something that would do Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail proud (everyone is entitled to completely love at least one movie that everyone else says sucks, right? Any movie with Tom Hanks in it is a good one as far as I’m concerned – so there.). I should have knit the colors in the reverse, because what I got, for all I keep trying to think daisies or even daffodils, reminds me of… fried eggs. But that’s okay, I like it anyway – in fact, I haven’t been able to bring myself to scrub a dish with it yet, but have it on the counter as kitchen jewelry.

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2 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up

  1. Hey Froggie,
    It’s funny that you say that about your fried eggs yellow washrag because the first dishcloth I ever knit, three yrs ago when I began knitting, was with the yellow and white varigated kitchen cotton and I call it my “Scrambled Eggs” cloth!
    I didn’t think it looked like a daisy, either! But eggs go with kitchens, right?

  2. K. Anne on said:

    Don’t be ashamed. I’ve got You’ve Got Mail on VHS. I need to upgrade to DVD. I watch it every time that I need to clean or sort through things or have an all-night crafting session.

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