I’m Heeled!

Eh, well my sock is, anyway. Here are some photos of my Jaywalker sock that I took last Wednesday, when I intended to go update my blog immediately, post haste, whatever.

Did I mention before – I LOVE THIS COLORWAY.

It’s been a long haul, and I am worried that I may fall victim to that second-sock syndrome I keep hearing about. Fingering weight yarn on size one needles doesn’t knit up quite as quickly as my usual delusional self thought it would. I am interspersing working on the sock with knitting another Mason Dixon dishcloth – every now and then, after I’ve dropped the three hundredth stitch in five minutes, I need something else to focus on. Something else that is worked on size seven needles. Something that I can see without squinting and making really ugly faces that frighten my child. Who would have thought? My knitting self would rather be a size seven than a size one? Kate Moss can kiss my Anna Nicole butt. Heh.

So, anyway, now that I’m finally getting around to posting pictures, here’s what it looks like now:

Yeah – about this – I really don’t know how the duck got in my sock. I found him parading back and forth on the coffee table like it was a catwalk in the middle of the night, wearing my knitting. I think he stretched it out a bit, too – of course, he completely denied it. Just mumbled something about needing to practice his baton routine for a Duck Dodgers Ducks in Drag Charity Fundraiser and waddled off. He pisses me off, really – someone’s asking to become Duck a L’orange if he doesn’t start watching where he waddles around here. Who does he think he is, anyway?

If the duck hadn’t have been using my sock as a tube dress of sorts, I could have taken a proper picture in which you would have seen that I have turned the heel and am now working on the decrease rows for the instep. However, the duck said that a picture of him modeling the sock would be much more interesting than a picture of a turned heel, and he insisted that I photograph him and refused to take it off until I had done so. I think he just wanted to be on the internet, the little scamp. After his little hissy fit and the subsequent photo shoot, I decided to just go to bed rather than take more pictures of sock sans duck. Sorry.


I have plenty of yarn right now, I really do. Just in case I didn’t, I went in on an order of Socks that Rock with some friends and got this in the Alina colorway [cue angelic choir]:

So, why did I just buy this pattern? And why have I been trying all day to fight off the urge to buy four balls of Kidsilk Haze to make it? And why do I think I could even make it, anyway – I, whose only project even loosely resembling a sweater was the unbelievably easy, and yes, Heartbreakingly Cute, MD Baby Kimono? And why would I even consider this, but yet not think it’s okay to buy Euroflax Linen for any number of wonderful projects in MD? And where would I even put the yarn, when my stash basket runneth over as it is?

My madness apparently lacks method.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Heeled!

  1. kristinknits on said:

    Pretty yarn on the Jaywalkers. The duck picture is cracking me up.

  2. Cristina on said:

    lol….that sock picture devouring the duck is HILARIOUS!!

  3. Bashirs_Momma on said:

    I love the duck in the sock! Cute!

    I found your blog from the Mason Dixon KAL site. I loved your yellow and white Warshcloth. SUNNY!!!

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