Good news / Bad news

This post is for you, Cheryl! 😉 Thanks for the nudge to get off my tookus.

Good news: I finished knitting the Harry Potter scarf today. Yes, it did take me a year. I will post pictures when I have it finished (ends woven in, tassels) and blocked. After all my bitching, enough said!

Bad news: I am 2/3 or so of the way through my first Jaywalker sock. Also my first sock of any variety on size 1 needles. Also only my second pair of socks. Also the first sock in which I found a hole in the leg before I’m even done knitting it! WTF?? I have no idea what happened. There are no scissors in my bag, so there was no unhappy accident of them stabbing into my work. I don’t think it was a critter, either – what moth only chews through one strand of yarn? It seems to be just a single break, and it has caused the wee teeny tiny stitches around it to come apart. I realized it while I was working on it tonight, after the sudden burst of motivating adrenaline from having finished the scarf; I was ogling the pretty colors when my finger slipped through a hole that, um, shouldn’t be there. I think I’m done for the night. When I’m done being sad about it, I will take a picture and then attempt to somehow repair the ridiculously small stitches; failing that, it looks like it will have to be frogged. Not the worst tragedy in my life, but tragic nonetheless.

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