Purple haze.

1. Here is a picture of the damage to my Jaywalker. It’s not a great picture, but it’s the best close-up that I could manage with my sucky amateur photo skills. Feel free to tell me, someone who has never darned anything – let alone a sock that isn’t even finished yet – how to fix this one. Anyone? Anyone?

2. Here is a picture of my progress. So sad to have come this far, only to have my hopes for a pair of cozy socks for the winter be blasted to oblivion (note my effort to be as dramatic as possible about this. It’s my pity party, and you’re invited!).

3. Here is the yarn I will now be playing with for the time being, until I can either figure out how to fix the sock or muster up the bravery to frog it:
Manos Del Uruguay in Colorway #118, or Mulled Wine. I have been wanting to make Sheep in the City’s My So-Called Scarf since I saw the pattern, and the name of this yarn alone was enough to make me want to buy it, since I do love wine. A wino scarf! ha ha… Sorry. It’s very pretty, lots of purples and greens. Surely this will cheer me up!

(As an aside, the HP scarf is currently blocking. Fringe and then pictures forthcoming!)

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2 thoughts on “Purple haze.

  1. HEY! Welcome back!! Bummer about the hole in the sock; I’d just darn it. After all, they’re YOUR socks!! Wino scarf? Shall we have a knitalong? Drinkalong? Miss you!!

  2. The Manos is so pretty!

    Do you have any idea how the hole got in there? I’ve darned holes before, mostly ones from inexpert picking up of stitches after turning the heel. I just wove in some yarn and ‘fudged’ it — sew it up as invisibly as you can, the variegated yarn should hide any imperfections.

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