FO: Wino Scarf

(Otherwise known as sheep in the city’s My So Called Scarf)

I finished this sometime in January. Thereabouts. Maybe December? Well, fairly recently, at any rate.

Yarn: 2 skeins Manos Del Uruguay in Colorway #118, or Mulled Wine

Needles: Lantern Moon, size 11

Finished Dimensions: 77″ long, 4-5″ wide (the ends are wider – seems to be a common occurrence with this pattern)

My one modification came from the suggestion here at knit one chic too, which gives a tip for cleaner edges.

Need help with the pattern stitch? Great tutorial here at Serenity Garden.

I would definitely make this one again. It’s a fun pattern, and it’s not endless rows of knit stitch in a circle – and, it’s not burgundy and gold (yes, I am going to bitch about that damn scarf forever. *&$%&!! My blog, cry if I want to and all that.). I love the look of the herringbone stitch (close-up photo in this post), and the yarn is warm and soft. And wino colors – my favorite! Which explains my prosaic choice of wine bottles as props in the pictures. The cat butt – not my choice; apparently, he thinks he’s one hot piece of tail and deserving of a photo shoot. Whatever.

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3 thoughts on “FO: Wino Scarf

  1. OK, this is funny… I think I just bought the exact same yarn for the exact same project! And I’m glad I did, because yours sure looks pretty.

  2. Cheryl on said:

    Ooohhh, I love this scarf! I love the colors! (I love the wine… guess that goes without saying 🙂 I’m so glad you are back to your blog. Your writing is so good and you always make me laugh. Keep it up! And keep your chin up, too!

    Big, double-baby hug-

  3. g-girl on said:

    you have got excellent taste in color! lol. I’m about to be done with my own my so-called scarf in the same colorway! Wish I had known about the mods for the first and last stitches!

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