Excuse me while I get nothing done.

It has been one of those weeks, and it’s only half over… I attribute most of it to the fact that “D” and “F” grades are due on Friday, and I’ve got piles of essays to grade before then – 3/4 of which are turning out to be website plagiarism hunts. It’s doubly infuriating, because not only does it take me longer to do this than it does to grade a legitimate piece of the student’s own writing, but it tells me that the student thinks I’m that stupidmeaning, I’ll never notice the difference when a fifteen-year-old turns in an essay worthy of having been written by a college professor. This is not to say that a fifteen-year-old is incapable of intelligent writing; just that, when this level of writing is not exhibited throughout the school year and then suddenly, poof! the genius arises! – it’s a little suspect, to say the least.

So, since I’ve got this mountain of work before me, I have been turning in circles, only managing to get tiny bits of knitting done here and there (read: I am getting nothing done.). Between trying to get the grading done, get some sleep (pregnancy makes me SO tired), read, and spend time with my son, I am lucky if I can get three or four rows done on any one project. And I am not focusing on any one project, although I know I should, because this multitasking, noncommital thing I have going is just not working for me. So Monday, I worked on Clapotis. Yesterday, a ballband dishcloth that has been on my needles for much too long, considering what a smallish project it is. When I got home today, I worked a couple more rows on the dishcloth, but after watching the Yarn Harlot on Knitty Gritty last night, my fingers are itching to work on that Jaywalker that I can’t seem to finish (Seriously, I think my foot gets longer every time I measure… it’s always just “one more inch to go.”). I’m glad this seems to be a knitter’s malady, this inability to commit to any one project for long, because otherwise, I’d feel really, really bad about it. As it is, I think I’ll just resign myself to it and throw up my hands… in the direction of the chocolate hidden on top of the fridge.

Also? I was quite chagrined to find that the email I received from Pick-Up Sticks this afternoon stating that she had Sweet Georgia in stock became irrelevant before I could even get home and see what colors were available, nevermind buy any, due to a feeding frenzy caused by a poster who let everyone know about said email on the Lime and Violet message board. Not that I really need any sock yarn – maybe I will show you why in the next few days, if I can manage to squeeze in some really bad yarn photo time while I’m so busy not accomplishing anything. And eating chocolate. Wouldn’t want to get any chocolate on the yarn stash, you know.

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