Oy, vey.

It’s been hard to get anything done lately. I have enough pictures for about four blog posts but haven’t found time to post, let alone knit. And I’ve been doing a LOT of shopping. I guess it’s a stress thing (pregnancy + being mommy to two-year-old-monkey + end of school year madness + sleep deprivation = CRAZY), but really, I need to stop. It’s all been yarn (well, except for the back issue of Interweave Crochet, the circular and dpn needles order from Knit Picks, and the wooden handle bag and needle case from an In the Bag coop opportunity) and it’s all been online orders, so hoo boy, I am in trouble deep with the husband once the postman comes to our door, oh, ten times in the next two weeks. And I was tempted yet again tonight to buy some Handmaiden from The Loopy Ewe! We’re not bankrupt or in any such trouble – although it’s tempting sometimes, I would never spend our house payment on yarn – but still. Try explaining all that yarn – all that sock yarn – to a man who knows how little time I actually have to knit it. I finally managed, at least for tonight, to listen to the angel on the other shoulder who politely whispered with a British accent, “Don’t you think that’s about enough for now, dear?”, rather than the little demon temptress I’ve been listening to lately that keeps purring, “aw, come on, it’s just one more leeeetle package…”

Upcoming posts will be a couple of small FOs, (amateur) yarn pr0n photos of those goodies that have already come, and some completely unrelated garden pictures (just because they make me happy. I love spring!). Tonight, just some WIP pictures as evidence that yes, I have been working on them, albeit at a snail’s pace:

1. Second sock syndrome averted! Jaywalker #2 is in progress.

Yes, that is a bathrobe it is sitting on. It seemed like a good, plain white backdrop at the time, and I actually don’t have a white sheet. I wasn’t thinking you would be able to tell that it’s a bathrobe – go ahead and laugh; I know I need picture help. 🙂 But look what is on top of the bathrobe (and in front of the little boy, who wanted “in” the picture)! I’m a third of the way done with the leg.

Just because I love the little monkey, I let him pose with “mama’s sock.” He sees a camera and starts the CHEESE! CHEESE! dance immediately. He was thrilled, and pose he did:

Notice the care he takes in holding the sock in his palm, just as it was handed to him. Yep. He’s a good boy.

2. Clapotis is still hanging around.
I have worked on it during what little time I could find these last couple of nights, actually. I kind of wanted to keep going on the Jaywalker, but the skein was still damp from a mishap involving the little one and a LOT of water. Okay, mishap is an understatement… maybe it will be funny in three years. I wasn’t sure if the yarn being damp would mess up the gauge at all, so I played it safe and worked on this:

I just finished the sixth repeat of the 13 sets of straight rows tonight.

Here’s another close-up of the dropped stitches, just because I like it:

Here’s the thing: I love these colors. They remind me of my mom’s hibiscus bushes growing on the side of my parents’ house; all the bright, cheerful, tropical shades. They scream “happy.” SCREAM IT.

But, it suddenly occurred to me one night when I was trying on a too-bright pink maternity top, that I don’t know that these happy colors will be so “happy” on me. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me when I bought it, except for that I wasn’t really thinking about what the colors would look like on me, nor was I thinking about there being a reason I don’t wear them. I was mostly just thinking of the things and people that they remind me of. The flowers, and a dear friend and mentor who loves and can pull off insanely bright shades of fiesta. I’m thinking I will finish it and decide, and I might end up giving it away to someone who can pull it off if it turns out that I can’t. We’ll see. I’m having fun making it, anyway, even if I don’t keep it – and guess what? I have MORE yarn in my stash in a more suitable colorway, that I was going to use for Ella but that could be Clapotis. Hmmmmm.

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