More yarnaholism… and also progress!

I am getting through this second Jaywalker much, much more quickly than the first. My husband noticed, and just chuckled when I told him I was trying to hurry because I am anxious to try out one of the other dozen or so yarns I’ve bought recently (read: in the last three weeks). I am done with the leg and a third of the way done with the heel:

And a close up of the stitches:

The tiny stitches make my eyes a little sore while knitting, but I love their uniformity and tininess. I like miniature things… I’m a little weird that way, I guess.

This package from Woolgirl is one of those that came this weekend, and I wanted to post pictures as an example of what I meant in my last post by the oh-so-cute packaging and extra effort that some sellers include in their orders:

I mean, aside from the bad lighting, is that not the cutest ever? Pink tissue paper. A pretty brown ribbon. A little sample of Soak. A handwritten note on stationery about the yarn, because I had really wanted this particular colorway and had contacted Jen at Woolgirl to ask about its availability. Before I had even received this, Jen emailed me to let me know that my package had been slightly delayed by a postal snafu… and it really was only a slight delay, and not her fault. None of this was necessary, but all of it is very, very cool. Will I order from her again? Heck, yeah. And the other sellers I’ve bought from during my yarnaholic binge? Same thing: emails, nice packaging, goodies. A handwritten note, tissue paper, a cute little cat sticker and gum from Lime & Violet. From The Loopy Ewe, extra goodies in the form of little yarn samples and cards to record which needles I have in my possession. I guess maybe it’s not a big deal to some, but to me, when I deal with rudeness at work on an almost daily basis, little things like this make me smile. So I blab and gush about it on my blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, I digress… inside the package from Woolgirl was this WhatNot Sock Yarn by Union Center Knits in a special colorway called – what else? – Woolgirl:


Also – these adorable Cosa Nova tape measures. The monkey is mine; the pig is for a non-knitting friend, my former boss, for whom I have bought many, many piggy items over the last few years (it’s a joke: she calls me Skinny Bitch and gives me pictures of skinny things like reeds, and I buy her random pig paraphernalia. She has a couple of shelves full. She really wants to know where I shop and find all this crazy pig stuff. I love her to death, but I’ll never reveal my sources.).

Finally, these also came this weekend from The Knittery, a shop in Australia with “cheerfully handpainted yarns.” These are all the 4-ply sock merino cashmere (70% superwash merino, 20% nylon, 10% cashmere)… because, you know, the colors were all so pretty that I couldn’t pick one:

Cherries, Moonlight, and Forest Moss. The Cherries colorway is less red and more purple than I had expected (it looks more red in the picture than it really is), but while it’s not what I was going for, it’s still very pretty.

Still coming: a skein from sKNITches and one from Cider Moon; also, club packages from Zen String and Spunky Eclectic. No more after that other than the two monthly club shipments … I really have to get back on the wagon and lay off the sock yarn, at least until I’ve knit more socks, my son’s blanket, and baby things! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Is it just me, or are pictures of the second sock in a pair I’ve been working on forever and pictures of all the yarn I should be ashamed of myself for having bought in such a short amount of time really, really boring and mundane?)

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