I’ve officially been free for the summer for a week, and somehow, all my plans to be a whirlwind of productivity have yet to come to fruition (do you like how I make that sound like it’s completely out of my hands?). This morning I had to ask my husband what day of the week it is, because I really didn’t know. The days are already starting to become a blur, and it’s only been one week. All this time off seems to be a mixed blessing, but I think that’s more a result of my lack of organization and motivation and several other attributes that would prevent me from being a lazy lump sitting on the couch. I can only play the pregnancy card so much before it becomes… well, playing a card. Making excuses. I feel like I was more productive when I was stressed out and had no time to do anything, so was trying to do everything. Now I have plenty of time, and so I do nothing. Bit of an inverse time / productivity relationship at work there.

So, the house is still dirty. The book is still unread. The knitting is still not done. I feel a bit guilty about all of it.

What have I accomplished this week? I did some shopping with my husband for the sorely needed bathroom makeover. New shower curtain, rod, towel holder and TP holder freshly installed today. Now that he’s painted the bathroom and our bedroom a color that doesn’t make me want to curl up into a ball and rock in a corner, he’s all into redecorating. Which makes me happy! It’s so long overdue. (I don’t think I ever mentioned the first color he painted these rooms in January as a surprise for me. Oh, I was “surprised” all right… by the baby food (specifically, Gerber sweet potatoes) coating our walls. It was so bad that the only color it matched was itself – it didn’t even go with white or black. I still shudder when I think of it. I appreciated the gesture – can’t say I appreciated the accompanying nausea it caused.). He’s even said that he wants to repaint and update our living room and dining room areas, and I didn’t think he’d ever say that. In the past, it has always been his policy to just live with ugly and / or tired rather than spend the money, time and energy on making things pretty. Those two rooms in particular look like my grandparents decorated them, because they pretty much did – we went with the antique thing because I ended up with a bunch of their stuff when they died. There is nothing wrong with this look, necessarily, except that it’s just not really either of our styles. I prefer clean lines and simple color schemes, contemporary without necessarily being “modern.” I love looking through the Pottery Barn catalog for ideas – that’s my style (although certainly not my price range!). What do you call it… classic? warm? comfortable? It’s not flowery sofas, old and stuffy framed prints, and “don’t touch” things everywhere. This was fine when we had just moved in and couldn’t afford our own furniture, but it’s time to change and make this place feel more like “us.” Anyway. I forget where I was going with this. I think the late-night delirium is setting in, so I should wrap this up.

Speaking of, I did finish Clapotis (haven’t gotten around to pictures… maybe tomorrow)! I stayed up until 2:00 Wednesday morning (I think it was Wednesday? It was definitely a day this week) because I just wanted it done so I could move on. In the wee morning hours, my mind does weird things. That night, it was to invent new lyrics to one of Audrey Hepburn‘s songs in My Fair Lady, “I Could Have Danced All Night,” while I was knitting: “I could have knit all night, could play with yarn all night, and still go shop for more. I could just roll in wool, Buck nekkid like a fool…” I can’t remember the rest (probably a good thing), but this is enough to demonstrate that me being up late = absolutely horrifying foolishness. Why was I even thinking of this song? I haven’t seen this movie for at least ten years. Bad subconscious, bad.

Today, I thought I would start working on those miters again for Cole’s blanket (okay, not “again” – I’ve only actually done one), but wanted to organize my stash and supplies first. Ever feel like everything is so messy and disorganized that you can’t even think of starting a new project until you’ve fixed it? Suddenly, that was me. I think I went overboard (shocking). I ended up making crude tables in Microsoft Word listing all my yarns by vendor, colorway, yarn type, yardage, gauge, # of skeins and intended project, if any. There’s one file that’s just sock yarn and another one for everything else. This took a while, and not the ten minutes I thought it would. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it, too, a computer program available or something, but the hard, tedious route demonstrates stupidity builds character. Then I made another file listing all my crochet hooks and needles. Then I separated all my other supplies into cute little baskets I picked up at Walmart this week. Finally, I made a flickr account and uploaded pictures of all my finished objects and added descriptions of yarns / needles used and so on. Don’t ask me why that was necessary, because I really don’t know.

(This is abrupt, but wow, I’m actually drowsy. I’m boring myself? In lieu of falling asleep at the wheel and posting something ridiculous or inscrutable, I’m going to go to bed now.)

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