Eleventy billion other things I should be doing right now…

Such as:

1. Working on Spiderman sock #2 (I finished the first one last night). I LOVE THESE COLORS.

2. Reading A Trip to the Stars, since I’m only on page 30 or so and I’m supposed to have all 512 pages read by next Wednesday for an online book group.

3. Returning emails (“Hi, how are you? Sorry I’ve been crap about writing lately – well, more so than usual…”).

4. Eating breakfast.

5. Enjoying the birds who have finally figured out that the food in the feeders is for them (including a hummingbird at the hummer feeder! Yay! Hummingbirds are right up there with fairies on the cute-o-meter).

6. Housework and / or laundry (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m a funny girl.).

7. Taking a shower so that I can have my husband snap some Clapotis-in-action photos. I refuse to be photographed (willingly) with my hair like this, in pjs that no longer cover my baby bump.

I could go on, but you get the point… so, what have I been doing all morning instead???

RAVELRY!! I got my invite! It may become detrimental to my ass, as I have been spending a whole lot of time sitting on it now that I’m officially “in.” When I signed up for the wait list, I had no idea how cool it was really going to be. You can post your projects, look at everyone else’s (great for figuring out yarn subs!) and make comments, list your stash and needle inventory, add patterns to your queue of things you’d like to make, join knitalongs… the mind. It’s boggled, in a good way! I know I sound like I am about to have a geek-gasm just now (I won’t. Promise!), but I am amazed at everything there is to do at this site.

Ohhhhkay. Moving on… we went to Disneyland Tuesday, thinking that we should squeeze in one more trip on our passes before they block out the rest of the summer. We were only there for five hours, and while fun, it was ENOUGH. It was SO hot, so many people, and so much walking – which normally doesn’t bother me, but it does right now in my current condition. I think our longest wait was actually for food! Cole is now a little too aware for rides like Pirates – he was excited until we got on, and then he huddled up next to me until we got past the cannons. After that, the Haunted House was a definite no-no, so we went to Mickey’s house instead, where he decided to pretend to sleep on every fake flour sack he saw:

and then, surprise! I’m awake!

His favorite attraction of the four we made it to was Buzz Lightyear. He’s still talking about it. “Buth! Buth Light-ear!”

Off to maybe do something, um, “productive”

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One thought on “Eleventy billion other things I should be doing right now…

  1. Worsted_knitt on said:

    Well, I’m sure Ravelry is worth it. Still wiating on mine…

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