Paralysis (but there is an FO, er, Effed Oh; also, Yarn!)

I think I must have been bitten by some giant spider with laziness-inducing venom, because I am feeling distinctly lazy lately. Laaaaaaaazy. Non-committal. Paralyzed by lazy non-committalness. Part of the problem is that my to-do list is so long that I suddenly want to do none of it. This is just the part that falls under knitting:

1. Summer of Socks ’07 KAL – because my stash really needs it, as does my credibility around here (“no, I needed all this yarn because I’m really going to make all these socks, seriously!”). I just need to start the first pair: Embossed Leaves. I even wound the yarn for them – see? – but I haven’t started, even though the KAL began two days ago (I guess I really do have to be fashionably late to every party). Green is an awfully prosaic color for this pattern, but look at it – you can’t blame me, right? It’s Merino Cashmere sock yarn from The Knittery, and the color is Forest Moss, and it’s very, very, very pretty and mossy. I’m thinking – hoping – that when they are done and I put them on, I will be transformed into a little skipping sprightly forest nymph. A hot one – because nymphs just are. I wouldn’t complain. Bet my husband wouldn’t, either.

2. Baby things: a sweater, wee socks, cute toys…

3. Cole’s blanket: I’ve knit two miters. TWO.

4. Lace! – why? why? why do I suddenly feel the urge to try this?? OH, that’s right – because of these pretties, languishing in my stash:

Fleece Artist Kasula, DK weight, 1000 meters, Mermaid colorway – special co-op purchase, no longer available

Chewy Spaghetti Capellini in Keen

Perchance to Knit Midnight Rainbow / Harlot’s Peacock

Handmaiden Sea Silk 150 in Rose Garden

Handmaiden Sea Silk 150 in Paris

5. Decent pictures of Clapotis in action so that I can do an FO post already – really, how lazy is that? Because it’s so hard to get presentable enough to take pictures…

6. The Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts that I had no business starting just now, what with socks and baby stuff and a blanket and maybe even lace on my agenda. But I did, because I’m a sheep and everyone is doing it I was itching to see if I’d really, finally found a use for the two skeins of bluey-purpley Koigu that I’ve had for way too long. I had bought it online thinking it was a manly shade of blue, and when it arrived in the mail, realized that it would not do at all – I could have been wrong, but I was pretty sure that my dad didn’t need bluey-purpley socks (so he got turquoisey blue instead, because that was so much better. I had no luck with colors on the internet when I made the Thuja socks!). I haven’t liked the Koigu until now, paired up with the Spunky Eclectic Club edition of Nightshade (pictures later when I’ve got more of it done – in other words, check back in December! ha)

7. Blog post about the Spiderman socks, which are now finished!

Oh, wait… that one, I can do:

Tangentially, what I really couldn’t do today? Because you really need to know? Locate and clean the source of the doggy doo smell that insulted my delicate sensibilities the instant I woke up this morning. I’m bad, and I’ll admit it: instead of getting up, I lay there and waited for my husband to wake up and then announced, “I smell poop.” He said, “Good morning to you, too – I hope you aren’t talking about my breath,” and when I repeated, “no, I just smell poop,” he got up, found it and gagged a bit (turned out to be doggy diarrhea, on the carpet no less – couldn’t just be on the hardwood flooring, nooooo). Then, he came back and said, “I’ll clean it up, you go play on the computer. And light a candle.” Awfully nice of him, reflects awfully badly on me… it’s why I teach high school English and he works in a hospital: I can’t handle poop, and he can. I can barely handle the baby variety. Now, poop in a figurative sense – that I’ve handled by the load…

So, this little boy – inventor of the sequel to Snakes on a Plane

Snake in a Truck! (this one was a fun few minutes of fishing a rubber snake out of a tiny hole in the roof of an old yard sale toy diesel truck with my $20 tweezers, while he stood by and supervised and insisted that I get it out)

and Pirates of the Carribean IV: Speak No Evil

wanted Spiderman Socks to add to his collection of Spiderman paraphernalia (because, you know, two dolls, a pillowcase, shoes, a ball, a paddleball, a mask, stickers, a sippy cup, plastic dishes and silverware, a backpack and a bubble pen clearly aren’t enough). Here they are (the WIP picture in the post below this one showed the colors much better than these do):

Yarn: Cidermoon Blizzard in Superman colorway
Needles: 2.50 mm Knitpicks dpns
Pattern: Opal Kid’s Sock, free pattern – chosen because it looked easy and quick, and it was!
Size: Toddler size 7
Mods: I skipped the four rows of stockinette at the cuff and just did 3″ of ribbing for the leg. At the end of the Gusset section, the pattern says to knit all the way around for a row, and I should have trusted my instincts and continued the ribbing for the front of the sock, because it looks a little funky – but you have to be looking for it, and since I made them, I was looking. Otherwise, no changes made or considered.

Not wanting to disappoint me, my inventive little boy thought to use one as a cat-teasing toy about ten seconds after I handed it over. I didn’t know this – I thought the repeated squealing of “Spiderman sock! Spiderman sock!” and half-crazed laughter meant that he was that delighted. I wasn’t looking because I was weaving in the ends on the second sock. So, when he came back and said, “Mama fix sock,” I initially thought he meant that I had fixed it, because I told him that that was what I was doing as I was weaving in the ends. What he really meant was that he didn’t want me to think that my work was finished. Not surprisingly, cat snagged sock when it was dangled in cat’s face. Cat ripped through one of two plys in the yarn – just one stitch, but enough to necessitate surgery, again. Another darning job for another yet-to-be-properly-worn sock (What is this, some kind of a curse? Apparently something crappy has to happen to nearly every project, but particularly if it’s socks! I’m 0 for 3 for a no-problem sock knitting experience so far.). This is why, if you look at the modeled-by-boy photo again, there is one stitch that seems to stick out a bit on the top of the foot. It’s ugly, but I think it should hold.

Keep your, um, toes crossed that Embossed Leaves will be my first drama-free socks…

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3 thoughts on “Paralysis (but there is an FO, er, Effed Oh; also, Yarn!)

  1. Chevron Scarf KaL on said:

    You should check out the KAL for the Chevron Scarf:

    Sign up here:

  2. Batty on said:

    Superman sockies, I love them!

  3. Batty on said:

    Duh. I mean, Spiderman. It’s 6:54 am, I’m not properly awake yet.

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