He’s lucky he’s cute.

(And for once, I’m not talking about someone or something destroying my knitting when I say this! But yes, I will talk about knitting in a second.)

My little boy. Aren’t little boys sweet? And inventive? This, for example:

See, I would never have thought to squeeze in there. Or to even look there for a little boy who is hiding while his mommy, starting to become a little hysterical, frantically searches the front of the house. I could hear him breathing. I could not hear him answering me – because he wasn’t. I knew that he was near, but I had visions of him getting the life squeezed out of him by something on top of him so heavy that all he could do was breathe. He always answers me! Until now.

Doesn’t he look pleased with himself?

Or, there’s this from last night. Did you know that blue monkey puppets, given the opportunity, can eat children’s food right off their plates? Or that they are carnivorous?

I certainly didn’t know these odd facts. I wonder if this is only specific to blue monkeys? Or if this is like a Toy Story thing, where they only move when no humans are around to see? What I do know is that this particular blue monkey most certainly must have dragged my poor, hungry little boy out of his high chair and then eaten his pot roast (and snubbed the corn), because when I came out of the restroom (for the 20th visit in a day, thanks), here was my small angel waiting for me, to tell me that the monkey ate his meat! You can imagine my shock and outrage, to realize that a plaything would be so cruel as to rob my son of portions of his dinner. I had first thought that the boy must have fed the meat to the dogs, who are always ready and willing participants in the rousing game of “Trying to Dupe Mom Into Thinking I Ate my Food”; however, the fact that the monkey was still sitting there in the chair, with a smug look on his well-fed fun-fur face that clearly demonstrated his indifference toward my authority, was proof enough. This, coupled with the fact that my little one pointed at the offender sitting in his chair and repeated, quite seriously, that the monkey had eaten his meat. Well then, it must be true. Because my boy never lies.

(Especially not a little boy who looks so proud in a tux. Don’t you just want to call him “governor”?)

I guess all the dogs’ lip-smacking action when I re-entered the room was just their efforts at cleaning their teeth. Good for them for attending to their own hygiene – and good for the monkey as well, who managed to gobble down the roast without getting a speck in his fur. That’s civilized, I tell you: he may be a dinner-stealing, child-swindling monkey, but at least he’s got manners.

Finally, some WIP action

I finished the first of the pair of Embossed Leaves Socks yesterday morning. Here’s a picture, but no on-the-foot shots until I have them both done.

It’s not the pattern’s fault that these are taking me so long to complete – I can’t say enough good things about this it! I love the garter-stitch bordered heel flap, the leaves, the toe… all of it, perfect in every way. I did make some small mods, but I’ll save those for the FO post.

Tea, anyone?

Just a picture of a new little thing – the Cup’a Tea? group on Ravelry inspired me to share! This is a cheapo tea infuser mug I found while shopping for goodies at World Market for the Yarn in a Teacup Swap. It really is cheap – I’ve already chipped it by barely clanking the infuser and mug together while washing dishes – but I bought it because I loved the pattern.

The smallest things are sometimes the greatest treasures, aren’t they? Tell me about yours! 😉

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One thought on “He’s lucky he’s cute.

  1. KnittingKat on said:

    I so loved the embossed leaves pattern it was so much fun! I just finished my pair last month too. I really like the colorway you used too 🙂

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