Hogwarts Coffee Cup Sweater

Have your coffee Harry Potter style!
(I didn’t have an actual Starbucks cup handy, so I improvised with a glass – I’ll post a better picture when I can.)

I made this as a little surprise for my husband for the midnight HP7 book party at B&N tonight – shhhhhhh! It’s too hot in our parts, even at night, for him to wear the huge Azkaban scarf I made him, so this is my quick and dirty version of a little knitted HP goodie to commemorate the occasion (well, quick and dirty would be because the idea didn’t occur to me until late last night). There are 3,000 people signed up at our location with reserved copies of the book, so it’s looking like it will definitely be a Starbucks night. I can hardly call it a pattern since it’s just k2p2 rib in a circle, but for those who may want all the little details, here they are:


  • You can add more stripes, widen or narrow them, or change their placement on the cup sweater; just remember to knit every stitch on the first row of every color change.
  • Finished size is 3 inches in length. Gauge: 6 st/1″ and 8 rows/1″ in 2×2 rib pattern. I wouldn’t think that exact gauge is terribly important since the finished product should be stretchy.
  • Knit in the round with a set of 5 dpns.
  • I used the long-tail cast-on method; if you use another one, make sure it’s stretchy.
  • I carried the main color up the inside of the sweater – less ends to weave in.
  • I would suggest a wool or other animal fiber yarn for warmth, despite my use of Plymouth Encore, which is 75% acrylic. I only used it because I happened to have it handy and yarn stores aren’t open at 9 P.M., which is when I thought to do this. Stolen from atypically.net’s Azkaban scarf pattern, here are the various House colors you would need if you were to do this in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted, which is 100% wool:
    • Gryffindor – brick road (#225) and sunburst gold (#308)
      Slytherin – tornado teal (#121) and silver sage (#107)
      Film Ravenclaw – blue knight (#004) and silver sage (#107)
      Book Ravenclaw – blue knight (#004) and Bev’s bear (#094)
      Hufflepuff – pepper black (#601) and impasse yellow (#305)


  • Size US6 /4.0mm dpns
  • Plymouth Encore Worsted (25% wool/75% acrylic) in a main color (MC) and contrasting color (CC). I used scraps from the Azkaban scarf in (MC) burnt sienna (#0999) and (CC) butternut (#1014).


Using MC, cast on 48 stitches and divide them onto four dpns – 12 stitches on each dpn.

Being careful not to twist the cast-on row, join for working in the round and work 5 rounds of k2, p2 rib.

Change to CC and knit one row. Work two more rows in k2, p2 rib.

Change to MC and knit one row. Work four more rows in k2, p2 rib.

Change to CC and knit one row. Work two more rows in k2, p2 rib.

Change to MC and knit one row. Work five more rows in k2, p2 rib (to make it even at the top and bottom of the cup sweater, I added an additional row here to compensate for the extra row created by the long-tail cast-on; if you use a different cast-on, you may only need four additional rows. Clear as mud?).

Bind off in k2, p2 pattern. Weave in ends.

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2 thoughts on “Hogwarts Coffee Cup Sweater

  1. Calling Kahlo on said:

    Very cute and cool. Hmm, I have some leftover yarn from one of my HP scarves, maybe, for DH.

    OH, btw, I love your clapotis and modeling shots.

  2. I like this – what an excellent idea.

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