Yarn in a Teacup Swap!

I received my Yarn in a Teacup Swap package from Tammy on Saturday! I wanted to post immediately to say thank you and show off my goodies, but in my last days of pregnancy, things have been incredibly hectic and I have had hardly any time to relax, to the point that yesterday I had to have bed rest for most of the day, and my husband had to stay home from work to watch our son. When I got up in the morning, I felt the baby seeming to exert such intense pressure with every little step I took that I thought there was no way I would make it to next Friday, which is when my C-section is scheduled to take place. Thankfully, resting did the trick. You would think that sitting on your butt and doing nothing would be easy, but with all the things left to do, errands to run, and a three-year-old constantly asking for attention, it’s actually difficult to find any time for that.

Anyhow now that I have a decent amount of time tonight to devote to a blog post, here is my eagerly anticipated package, which came in a pretty Maxwell & Williams box:

And inside (drumroll)….

  • Maxwell & Williams cup, saucer and plate set in the Peony pattern – such pretty pink blooms! It said on the box that the largest plate is a “cake plate,” which made me laugh – I’ve never heard that before, and now I have official permission to eat a whole plateful of cake (or cookies) with my tea. After all, that’s what it’s for, right? Yesssss!
  • Pretty kettle-shaped teabag holder – I had actually been looking for something like this last time I was at World Market, but didn’t find one. This one is very cute.
  • Three skeins of Garnstudio Paris cotton yarn in color #20 – a sweet pink perfect for something for baby! I haven’t decided yet, but I have a few ideas about what it wants to be. It’s a really great color – not too pale or too bright.
  • Rooibos Chai Massai tea from Blue Teapot. When I opened the package, I immediately smelled the tea, which was strong enough even in its sealed bag that I now have spicy Chai-scented yarn! This is definitely not a complaint – I love the smell, and so does my husband. We had gotten home late from my (surprise) baby shower and had planned on going straight to bed – until, that is, I opened the box and we both decided that staying up a little while longer and having tea wouldn’t kill us – that’s how good this stuff smells. It tastes just as good as it smells, and it’s decaf, so if anything, it just made me all the more relaxed and ready for bed. I think I will have to buy more once I run out.
  • A lovely handwritten note on cute knitting stationery – I’ve always thought that handwritten notes and letters are so much nicer than email, so I enjoyed getting one with my package.

I feel very, very spoiled, and I’ll quit gushing because I’m sure it’s quite obvious that I love all of it! Opening my box was the perfect end to a long, happy day. Thank you, Tammy! 😉

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