In pursuit of a simpler life…

Here I sit, trying to compose a blog post with my four-week-old daughter on my lap. I’d forgotten how infants are just a different kind of demanding than toddlers; she might not run around and get into things or ask that games be played and books be read, but she does require nearly constant attention around the clock, always needing feeding, changing, or holding. The changing business is insane! How many times can a baby poop in one day? I can’t answer that, because it seems like she is perpetually setting a new record.

Having said all that, I am so happy to have her. She’s sweet without even having to try. I love the little mewing noises she makes, and the way she tests out smiling while she’s sleeping. It’s all very tiring, but also very fun.

But she is the reason why I have realized a need to simplify my “hobby” life. I have joined too many KALs for projects that I have yet to finish, bought more yarn than I can hope to knit, joined too many message boards… and created a knitting blog that had become more than ever too difficult to fill with any real, interesting knitting content on a regular basis. Hence, the move to wordpress came with a change in my blog altogether in an effort to have a less content-specific blog, one that doesn’t promise “only knitting” when all I have really had time to do is read books. I would like to make regular knitting posts, but now I don’t have to feel guilty for slipping in other things – and I know I shouldn’t feel guilty because it’s my blog, but I have guilt issues! So, I’ve resisted joining another KAL for now – although this one for the Bee Fields Shawl / Honeybee Stole is really tempting. Less visits to message boards – I really only check Ravelry anymore, because I don’t have time for more than that. Less commitments, altogether – I feel that I have stretched myself too thinly, and it’s time to let some of that go and just focus on enjoying what I can get done, and on my family.

Another example of my new focus on simplicity? The Tulip Cardigan I’ve been working on, albeit at a snail’s pace, for Riley. See all the colors in this baby sweater on the Dream in Color patterns page? Riley’s is still being made with Dream in Color Classic yarn, but hers is just one color: Petal Shower. It’s not even close to done, but I am liking the look of just one color choice for this project, rather than the several it normally requires. I think she’ll still look tulip-y enough in it.

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One thought on “In pursuit of a simpler life…

  1. Hey, Vanessa– I miss reading your blog, but I so totally understand!! There is so much I want to do, but it’s just not realistic. Enjoy your babies, soon they will be asking for their learner’s permit! (ask me how I know!!) The knitting will be waiting for you, whenever you get around to it. And knitting for babies, well… I know it’s tempting, but you’ll have more time for that when you’re a grandma:-)
    Take care of yourself!! Love, Cheryl

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