For Lovers of Books and Tea

I’m reading Still Life by Louise Penny every spare moment I can catch, and it really agrees with me just now while I’m sick and the weather is cold. Hot tea, chicken soup, and this book – the perfect trio of comforts for a cold. And, speaking of tea, here’s an excerpt that made me smile (I’m not giving anything away, should you choose to read it – we already find out that Jane is dead in the first sentence of Chapter One):

Peter was willing the water to boil so he could make tea and then all this would go away. Maybe, said his brain and his upbringing, if you make enough tea and small talk, time reverses and all bad things are undone. But he’d lived too long with Clara to be able to hide in denial. Jane was dead. Killed. And he needed to comfort Clara and somehow make it all right. And he didn’t know how. Rummaging through the cupboard like a wartime surgeon frantically searching for the right bandage, Peter swept aside Yogi Tea and Harmony Herbal Blend, though he hesitated for a second over chamomile. But no. Stay focused, he admonished himself. He knew it was there, that opiate of the Anglos. And his hand clutched the box just as the kettle whistled. Violent death demanded Earl Grey.

Back to the couch I go…

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One thought on “For Lovers of Books and Tea

  1. I’m reading “Bellwether” by Connie Willis right now and loving it. Isn’t it funny how sometimes you get just the right book at just the right time that it just settles in to you?

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