I’m Too Sexy For This Blog

(please excuse my homage to Right Said Fred)

A couple of days ago, Dee of Posh Yarn posted a meme done by models in a Boden catalog on her blog, and as I’m not feeling well today, I thought I would follow suit. Easy blog post, interesting questions, no real catwalk strutting required… what’s not to love? Thanks, Dee!

  • Toast or crumpets? Toast. I always thought I was a crumpet kind of girl until I actually had one. Maybe it was a bad brand? It was like an English muffin, just with a prettier name and a rubbery sponge texture.
  • A quiet night in isn’t complete without…. movie rentals!
  • Best character trait? I’m a good listener.
  • Favourite Elvis song? I am not an Elvis fan, but in looking at a list of his songs to see if anything jumped out at me, I noted that five of his titles begin with the word “Baby.” Random trivia. I guess I could say “Folsom Prison Blues,” if he indeed sang a version of it – Johnny Cash wrote it, and I do like him (yes, I know, I’m not supposed to be a country music fan… he’s another exception).
  • First drink of the night? A glass of iced tea.
  • Favourite hero? My mother.
  • First pet? A yellow parakeet named Mariah (this was before I’d ever heard of Mariah Carey).
  • What’s your party trick? I haven’t drank more than a glass of wine in a long while, but once upon a time I used to do my fair share of shots. Apparently I become quite the comedian when I’ve had a few. Or everyone else is so drunk that they think I’m funny… not sure.
  • The best place to spend autumn is….. Oak Glen, or as my little boy says, “the apple place.”
  • Biggest thrill? Surprises! Big ones, little ones, doesn’t matter so long as they’re good ones.
  • Least favourite household chore……. cleaning the cat box.
  • Your favourite baddy is…..off the top of my head, Frankenstein (as depicted in Mary Shelley’s book and not the silly movies).
  • Best gift ever received….. my children.
  • What is your karaoke speciality? Like I would ever sing karaoke.
  • Best makeup tip? Apply sparingly – don’t make it obvious that you are wearing it.
  • Who would you be for a day? Oh, I don’t know. Sheri from The Loopy Ewe – I would roll in yarn all day and eat Loopy Kisses. hehe
  • Best tip for photos….. candid ones are best.
  • Last meal ever would be…. Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house.
  • Favourite daily read…. my email.
  • Dreading…… going back to work at the end of this month.
  • Best winter warmer…. A fire in our woodburning stove.
  • Where is home? Where my family is.
  • Best music decade……this one.
  • Most excited about…..Saturday mornings.
  • I’m always getting told off for……worrying / feeling guilty too much.
  • Ultimate tear jerker…. I don’t know whether you’d call the whole thing a tear jerker, but Crash has a scene in it that left me gasping between sobs.
  • Favourite sweet…..apple pie. or chocolate. can’t decide!
  • Best beauty tip….. stay out of the sun.
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