WIP Wednesday: Fetching & Tulip Cardigan

(Please excuse the craptastic pictures. It ain’t easy when it’s evening and I’ve got a blanket propping up a lightbox, the precarious balance of which continues to be disrupted by a toddler jumping up and down and grabbing: “Take pictures yarn! Take pictures yarn! Cole help!”)

WIP Tulip

I’d been working steadily on the Tulip Cardigan whenever I had a spare moment, until last weekend. I have only one sleeve and some edging and i-cord ties left to do, but I had to put it down to work on these instead:

WIP Fetching


See that? Looks like a hole?

Fetching hole

Yep, that’s right. Seems I can’t make anything that requires picking up stitches and going in another direction without leaving holes, no matter how hard I try. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t eff up my knitting somewhere, and this is it for Fetching. There’s one in the armpit of the sleeve I made for the Tulip, too, but I managed to sew that up well enough so that my husband couldn’t figure out where the hole was – betting some of you can, though:

Tulip armpit

I’m trying to look at the bright side – maybe it will be my knitting signature: “Oh, there’s a hole in the gusset – Vanessa must have made those.”

The Fetchings are a very last minute gift for a friend’s birthday. Okay, more than last minute – her birthday was on Saturday. In my defense, I’d already bought her a couple of things and I haven’t actually seen her and given her those yet, so she will have no idea that these are technically late. Sneaky sneaky. Sadly, so many of my best ideas come after the fact – no exception here. I just happened to realize Ihavepinkyarnandshe’dprobablylovethemsinceit’sgettingcoldhere… on Friday. Two kids + tired mom = 0 probability I’m staying up all night to make them by Saturday.

Once these are done, I will go back to the Tulip, finish that, and then move on! More WIPs, more baby stuff (I’m afraid Riley will grow out of everything before I can even make all the hats and sweaters I’ve already got yarn for!), and now, in case I didn’t have enough on my platter… CHRISTMAS KNITTING. Mostly hats and scarves – quick and easy ones – but I am going to try to fit in a pair of socks for my husband so he can stop ribbing me already about how nice it would be to have hand knit socks. Yeah, yeah.


Someone started smiling three weeks ago. I tried to catch it on camera this morning.





Awww, ma, you so funny!


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One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Fetching & Tulip Cardigan

  1. So cute! Love those little toothless smiles. 😉

    About the holes in your knitting, I get them too. No biggy. All’s ya gotta do is one of the following:

    1. Pick up at least one more stitch than you think you’ll need. No matter how many the pattern says, get what you need. You can always decrease later.

    2. Leave the tail longer when it’s from picking up stitches. Then you can use it to do a bit of sewing and gathering to close the hole.

    3. Worst case scenario – cut a length of yarn and sew the hole up and weave in the ends. Wool is the best for this one, it is SOOOOO forgiving.

    Every time I pick up stitches one of the above techniques will be employed. 😉 It’s just my cross to bear.

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