I don’t always make New Year’s resolutions – in fact sometimes my resolution is simply to make none – but I think I could stand to have a few this year:

1. Read more. I really miss it! I’m shooting for at least ten, which may seem like nothing, but to me, working mom of two young ones (and a freak dog!), that would actually feel like an accomplishment. I haven’t counted last year’s, but I’m a bit afraid to look.

2. Be a better blogger: post at least once a week. More would be even better, but I want to try to keep these realistic and do-able, and I know that once a week will probably be a struggle at times (see #1 for reason why).

3. Be a better friend: reply to all emails within 3 days of receipt – this would be a big change for me. A good one, though, as I always leave those on the backburner due to reasons listed in – you guessed it – #1, knowing that my friends will understand… but I have great friends who deserve better than that from me.

4. Be healthier: eat less junk and start exercising.

5. Be a better mom: my little boy has obviously enjoyed the extra time I’ve had for playing more games and reading more books with him while I’ve been on break, and it makes me sad to think that when I go back to work, he will miss that. I want to find more time in my crazy schedule for just him and me.

6. Do something around the house every day, even if it’s small – like just one load of laundry, one dusty corner, whatever. Just so at the end of the day I can say I managed something, and maybe then it won’t all pile up on me as it tends to do… maybe I can enlist the help of a certain three-year-old, heehee!

7. Buy less yarn and use more from stash. Notice I didn’t say buy “none” – come on, that’s crazy talk! But I have been on a bit of a binge lately, and I’m buying much more than I’m knitting (again), so less would be a good idea. I haven’t decided how to work this one yet… again, I’m shooting for “do-able.”

There, now I’ve gone and said them all out loud, so I’m accountable.  😉 Happy New Year, everyone.

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