blustery days

It has been like this outside for the last three days:


This is perfect weather just now. Bitter cold. Ominously grey clouds in a great swath across the sky. My husband has been griping about the lack of rain and snow that was promised us by the skies and the weatherman – because he is never wrong! My husband is a little bitter because we’ve watched many a storm pass us by in favor of areas just a couple of miles away. It’s happened enough times to make it a geographic feature and more than just coincidence. The skies over our house are all bluster, lots of talk and no action – but I’m not complaining. This frosty gloom is enough to warrant this,


and this makes me happy. I can sit and drink tea and knit and read by the fire, next to a large window. Not much worth complaining about, if you ask me. I go back to work on Tuesday, and boy am I going to miss being able to just do this for a bit and feel like this is enough of an accomplishment for the day – no papers to grade or lessons to plan, and I have mastered the art of ignoring housework when there is a fire to cozy up to in the living room.

Of course, today I got nothing done. No knitting and hardly any reading, due to unexpected company in the morning for a few minutes that lasted until mid-afternoon. That’s okay – it was my parents, and I love to have them over; in fact, they’re the only company that I don’t mind just “popping over.” My mother fell in love with the clapotis I made that she is to pass along to my grandmother for me (I lost the battle of trying to make bright pink look good. My grandmother, however, can. I should have handed it over to its rightful owner long ago), and now she’s going to pick out a colorway she likes, and I get to make her one! I am more than happy to do this for her after all she has done for my little family and me, and I’m even more happy to knit this gift knowing that it will be much anticipated and desired by the recipient. Yay!

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2 thoughts on “blustery days

  1. lizziek8 on said:

    Tea and a fire! Wonderful!

  2. Marilyn on said:

    I love your pix of the fire and cup. My chair is not too far from my woodstove, and it so remeinded me of our home in the woods.
    I’m a grandma of 9, and have just started knitting (again after 40 years of working 50hrs a week). All the knowledge I did have fell out of my head, but I’ve picked it up quite quickly.

    So sorry about your beloved pet. Been there and talk about unconditional love, they have it.

    Thanks for sharing,

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