Loopy Swap Loot!

I got my Loopy Swap package today from my pal, Sarah. Did she spoil me, or what?!

1. When I opened the box, there was this:

And how cute are those buttons, by the way?

2. Here’s a shot of everything that was inside:

Wow. Wow. Right?

3. Of course, as cool as all this stuff is, my most favorite part is the knitty gift! Sarah made me Monica’s Fingerless Lace Mitts with Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the Mountain Hideaway colorway. I don’t remember ever having seen this colorway before – but I love it. I love the mitts. They’re so pretty and warm! I’d wanted to make myself some mitts before winter is over this year, since my hands are always cold, but probably wasn’t going to get around to it. Now I don’t have to!

Seriously. Did I mention that I love them? Are they not drool-worthy?

4. Part of the swap assignment was to include something that reminded you of home:

A pickle puzzle (almost immediately stolen by my son – he did let me take pictures first) and magnet from Tony Packo’s outside her local baseball stadium; yarn (Plymouth Happy Feet), sock pattern, and pens from her favorite LYS. The yarn is different from anything else in my stash; kind of reminds me of embers dying in the fireplace. I really like it!

5. Bags! And there is the card Sarah sent to explain all my goodies, as well:

Okay, here is a teensy confession. I was so excited to get my package, and the first thing that came out of the box was the Target reusable shopping bag. I knew there were other things in the box – knitted goodies, even! – but did that stop me from playing with that Target bag for a full minute before I pulled anything else out? Nope. I guess I’m just that easily amused – I opened it, zipped it back up, opened it again – I’ve never seen one that zips into a little portable deal like that, and I have wanted to either buy or make a reusable shopping bag for a while, so I played with the shopping bag and wondered why I’m not genius enough to come up with something like that… I am completely silly sometimes.

But that’s not the only cool bag! Have you ever seen a Piddleloop bag? Me neither! Isn’t it adorable? Perfect size for sock knitting. And there’s a little notions bag that I think came from Piddleloop as well. So cute, and I love the chocolate / pink and red / pink color combinations.

6. More stuff! Sarah, you went a little crazy. Not that I don’t love it all and appreciate it very, very much! 🙂

I wanted to wait until I’d taken pictures to open the bucket o’ candles, but then forgot and opened them anyway, so that’s why the packaging might look wonky. They smell really good, though! I can’t place any of the scents for sure, probably because I’m still sick. Some kind of pie, and fruit. Pretty much they’re just yum. And then! Those felted stitchmarkers from jelby – adorable! And the Sephora nail file, and stickers, and key chain… little cute things make me happy! The Oscar Wilde magnet (says: “experience is the name everyone gives their mistakes”), the hippo (also a magnet), and the sticky notes are all coming with me to work!

Thank you so much for all of it, Sarah! It really made my Saturday extra happy. 🙂

Hippo says he feels his jedi ninja powers would be taken a bit more seriously if I’d remove that tag from his ear. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Loopy Swap Loot!

  1. heeee! what a fun blog post! i’m so glad you enjoyed it all. both fabric bags are from piddleloop. you should come join the friends of “p” group on the rav, they’re so active and silly and i can tell you’re already feeling the bag love. heh. the candles are also a local company, they’re soy based and they were all three their valentine-y scents… one of them is mulberry and mandarin, but that’s the only one i brought home for myself, so i don’t know the other two, i had hoped they’d be marked! heh. i figured the oscar wilde quote would accent anyone’s knitting life. helps keep things in perspective, and with your rav name i knew you’d “get it”. i am just so glad that you liked it all and it cracks me up that the target bag was such fun before you even looked at the rest! hee! looking forward to a lovely friendship from this fun swap. 🙂

  2. Hot damn thats a good swap package!

  3. Amazing fingerless . Works of art I’ll say. Lucky you!

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Crapulent.

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