Or am I?

Apparently, I jinxed myself by ending my last post with “I’m here now.” Nearly three months and a whole lot of chaos later, I am popping in again – maybe “Weasel,” as in, “Pop Goes The…” would have been a more apt name for this blog. I haven’t knit in about a month and haven’t been on Ravelry for the same length of time (aside from quick sign-ins to make sure I have no PMs inquiring about anything on my sale/trade page). What I have been doing instead of knitting is dealing with the beginning of a new school year and the accompanying crazy (and this year has been really, really crazy. As in, drama, which is so not my thing. STRESS!), reading (if you are looking for some good “chick lit,” try Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin), and dog training. What?? Yep, in a Spontaneous Act of Supreme Stupidity, in June I succumbed to the cute and added a pup to the family:

Hes sweet. Hes smart. He needs to learn some manners.

He's sweet. He's smart. He needs to learn some manners.

We have been working on it since we got him in June – and he is another big reason for my currently non-knitting existence. You would think that if I felt up to a new puppy in the face of the new school year and two small children, I would at least be more sensible than to bring home a Parson Russell Terrier. You would think…

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One thought on “Or am I?

  1. Oh! So Cute! I’m overloading on the need to squeeze him and sniff his puppy smell!

    Okay, backing away from the computer lest I be completely overcome and do something stupid like go get another dog. 🙂

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