Surely I’m the only one not sick of seeing this scarf, but I think it might be worth another look, this time at some post-blocking pictures.

Here’s one showing the lace patterning (alongside a  bloom on our Joseph’s Coat rosebush):

This is by no means a pattern for beginners, but neither is it terribly difficult. It requires concentration, since the chart is impossible to memorize; very sharp needles (I used Addi Lace); and lifelines after every repeat. Once I’d gone through a repeat or two I felt comfortable with the pattern, and my only real hold up was just finding uninterrupted quiet time (in this house, not always so easy to come by) during which I could knit. I wouldn’t mind making another one, or maybe even the Morning Glory Wrap, which is a stole mostly in this stitch pattern. It would take me forever, but the end result looks beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Replay.

  1. Hey! You’re back! I keep checking in, and hoping… and here you are! I love the scarf. It’s so beautiful and I just want to squish it. Is it my turn to write? Probably; I’m a horrible, horrible friend. I’ll write SOON!!! Miss you!

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